Hi, I’m Tara! I love travelling, exploring and meeting new people, and am happiest living an active lifestyle with my family. Add good food, wine and friends, and I’m living the dream! My husband Matthew and I met in 2005 and got married in 2011. Our daughter Auden was born in 2015, and Tristan followed in 2017. Matt and I have always been extremely passionate about travel, and we moved from New York to London for new adventures. It is so easy and cheap to hop around Europe, and we are taking full advantage of this incredible “backyard”!

We promised each other that parenthood would not slow us down, and since having children, we have travelled more than ever! We have a wish list of places to visit, and once or twice a month, we scope out the best travel deals. Friends and family are constantly expressing disbelief that I travel so much, especially managing both children by myself. Matt has a lot of business travel, so in order to take weekend trips, the kids and I meet him at our chosen destination. I was nervous about travelling alone with a baby and a 2 year old, but we found our groove and now we’re unstoppable!

I hope this blog is a gift to my children. They’ll surely hear all about the amazing places they went as babies, and I love the idea of presenting them with a treasure trove of memories. I know they won’t remember these trips, but it is already clear that the adventures are broadening their horizons. Someday, they can look at these formative years and see how intrepid and curious they’ve always been. Eventually, they may even follow these footsteps with their own children!


Amsterdam, June 2018


Franschhoek, South Africa. March 2017