Happy 2020!

Happy 2020! One of my goals for this year is to reinvigorate Passports and Snacks. When I created the blog, I envisioned a beautiful scrapbook for my kids plus a resource for other families: a diary of my intrepid young family and our quests! So, when the reality of last year was messy and stressful, … Continue reading Happy 2020!

The Maldives

I'm so excited to share this trip! The Maldives are unbelievably pristine, and even looking back at my photos feels indulgent. We flew from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Malé, the capital of the Maldives. The Maldives are made of over 1,000 islands, of which 190 are inhabited and 211 are resort islands. Each resort boasts the … Continue reading The Maldives